Personal Growth

Personal Growth

With my piece I was trying to symbolize Personal Growth. My First Grade class has students that are on dissimilar levels. As a class my co-teacher and I are taking many different steps to ensure that each child makes personal progress. The ranges are so vast that to have a goal where all the students are on or above grade level would be unattainable; however, we are implementing individual goals for each child so they are able to see that they have made progress as a student in our first grade class. This picture is a child (my sister) holding a flower that has not fully bloomed. This symbolizes the children and where they may be now as brand new first graders. She is now reaching for a flower that has bloomed and this is a symbol of her trying to attain her “personal goal,” thus making Personal Growth!

To create this image I first uploaded my picture on pixlr and then used the Adjustment tab. Next I went to Color Splash and used the Magic tab to create the color. I used the Brush as well as the Eraser to touch up some of the areas that I needed to. After I completed that portion of the project I went to the Effects tab and selected the Soft option. I next selected Camille and adjust my amount to 100. I wanted to place a large emphasis on the flowers, because they represented the beginning and end of the Personal Growth.


6 thoughts on “Personal Growth

  1. d cro says:

    Great work experimenting with this tool and explaining your intent and process.

  2. dametra07 says:

    I like the concept of the photo. Good Job!

  3. bstanding says:

    I liked this picture a lot. It is what we all want our students to do more of: to self-advocate.

  4. wewalker95 says:

    Beautiful photo! I love the color contrast,

  5. crumpscorner says:

    The image you created is engaging and contrasting. Your explanation for its creation is clear and concise. I particilarly like how the viewer is drawn in to the flowers. Great job!

  6. Love this! I love the starkness of the photo against the bright of personal growth – what a lasting image!

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