Remix #1 Creep on a Movie Scene

Remix #1

For my first remix assignment I thought I’d do a little movie creeping. I really enjoy many movies and found myself at a crossroad when selecting one that can be considered “famous!” Then I thought back to a trip I took to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida for Labor Day and remembered the fun I had eating at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. All of the great food and Forrest Gump trivia really got me thinking! I decided to creep on Forrest and Jenny and what better way to creep then by including a pair of shoes from my own Nike Collection!

To remix this photo I first went to google images and selected a Forrest Gump photo. Next I went into Pixlr where I selected open URL and inserted the web address. Next I went to adjustment and add image. I selected my own image and after some serious adjusting I inserted it into the original photo. Finally I went to the History Brush where I was able to erase my body to fit into the original screen.

It was truly a fun experience and I cannot wait until my next Remix assignment!

10 thoughts on “Remix #1 Creep on a Movie Scene

  1. twroemer says:

    Fun idea and great work! I LOVE your expression in this! I’m calling you when I need help for the next project!

  2. This is the greatest thing ever. I now want to see just how many times you can creep on a movie. I wonder how we could use this in the classroom?

  3. danielle crump says:

    This looks really neat – you seem to perfectly fit into the photo. I love the way your red Nike contrasts with the original one!

  4. I just laughed, loudly :)! I love this “creepin” photo! Awesome job.

  5. dametra07 says:

    I like this one Ashley. I agree I love your expression in this one. The colors of your shoes and shirt makes the picture pop. You coming in from the side makes me think of the comics.

  6. wewalker95 says:

    So creative! I spent a long time just looking at the photo. I love your facial expression!

  7. bstanding says:

    This one is fun. Who doesn’t love Forrest Gump. Awesome job!

  8. tabitharoper says:

    Haha! I love this! I think I have watched that movie a million times! Love the new addition!

  9. d cro says:

    I agree with all of these comments. Nice work on the quality here… pretty seamless.

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