Audio Project #2 Otis Remix

Here is a remix that I have done to a song called Otis by my favorite rapper Jay-Z and his partner in crime Kanye West. This song features a sample from the song Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding, hence the title of the track!  I had an amazing time with this project from “trying,” to create my own lyrics to getting the music and trying to have it exactly how I wanted it!

This project definitely helped me to learn a ton of new things and I really enjoyed broadening my horizons!


3 thoughts on “Audio Project #2 Otis Remix

  1. Brandon Standing says:


  2. d cro says:

    Agreed. This is great… love the slant rhymes and that accomplished flow. Pretty impressive lyrically as well as musically… great remix.

  3. wewalker95 says:

    Awesome! You are much, much more talented than I am! If you ever teach high school, your students would love that 🙂

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