Personal Growth

Personal Growth

With my piece I was trying to symbolize Personal Growth. My First Grade class has students that are on dissimilar levels. As a class my co-teacher and I are taking many different steps to ensure that each child makes personal progress. The ranges are so vast that to have a goal where all the students are on or above grade level would be unattainable; however, we are implementing individual goals for each child so they are able to see that they have made progress as a student in our first grade class. This picture is a child (my sister) holding a flower that has not fully bloomed. This symbolizes the children and where they may be now as brand new first graders. She is now reaching for a flower that has bloomed and this is a symbol of her trying to attain her “personal goal,” thus making Personal Growth!

To create this image I first uploaded my picture on pixlr and then used the Adjustment tab. Next I went to Color Splash and used the Magic tab to create the color. I used the Brush as well as the Eraser to touch up some of the areas that I needed to. After I completed that portion of the project I went to the Effects tab and selected the Soft option. I next selected Camille and adjust my amount to 100. I wanted to place a large emphasis on the flowers, because they represented the beginning and end of the Personal Growth.


Football Season is FINALLY Here!

I am so excited with the start of the 2012-2013 NFL as well as NCAA season! This time really brings me back to my college days when my roommate and I had two televisions in our room and would have both on a different game, while the TV in the living room had one on as well! Let’s just say we NEVER missed an exciting highlight then! With everyone wondering who they should draft on their fantasy teams I can honestly say that I truly hope to see the New York Giants back in the Super Bowl! However, if I get lucky again and receive a guy like Jimmy Graham on my fantasy team, I would not be disappointed either! When I first saw his name I knew nothing about him and was even going to drop him from my roster! However, I took a shot on the guy and he ended up being my best player! He won me a lot of games and if I can pick Drew Brees up as well, then I’ll be one excited Gamer!