Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life

For my fourth and final Remix project I decided to select the assignment Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life. We were to select 3-5 Movie scenes that had a significant impact on your life. I decided to select a scene from Antwone Fisher, a scene from Love and Basketball and finally a scene from the movie Save the Last Dance. These three scenes have changed my life in their own personal way and I discussed them in the short film. At first I thought that this project was going to be very simple; however, I was sadly mistaken. This fourth project was by far the hardest Remix assignment for me to complete and I am very satisfied with the way in which it turned out.


This project could have been pretty simple for me had I taken the easy way out. I could have easily popped in the DVD’s that I had and filmed my TV from my phone, uploaded those films and put them into my iMovie application in my MacBook, but I really wanted to try to use the technology to the best of my ability. I wanted to be able to get the scenes from the computer. I first tried to find my favorite, and probably one of the most poignant scenes in Antone Fisher, but I could not find it online anywhere. After talking to many coworkers and friends I decided to download the app, iSkysoft DVD Ripper. I had all the DVD’s that I needed but I needed to find a way to get clips from these films.  When I first uploaded the movie in the system it took 94 minutes and I was very frustrated. I put it away and came back to it later. I opened it in a chapter format, found the chapter I needed, declined to upload the rest of the film and put the chapters into iMovie. I then trimmed two of the films in iMovie before I finally discovered how to trim them in iSkysoft. I trimmed them in iSkysoft, converted them into my computer and was able to take the exact parts I needed from the movie and import them into iMovie. Once they were in iMovie I put them all together. Next I selected the microphone, this allows you to implement a voiceover into your movie. After I tweeked and fine tuned the voiceover to be exactly how I wanted it, I finalized the movie and it was complete!


I really enjoyed doing this Remix project. It helped me to learn more about software and tools that I can use to get movie clips for presentations. I also learned how to implement a voiceover into my iMovie projects, something that I had never been able to do before!